Redefining Industrial Safety

The 3D image data generated by Velodyne sensors is optimal for industrial applications requiring precise measurements, object-tracking and movement. With a compact form factor and robust data set, our sensors can be embedded on mobile machinery to enable safe navigation or mounted on equipment to bound safety zones.





Agriculture Innovation: GUSS, World’s First and Only Autonomous Orchard Sprayer

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NavVis Achieves Breakthough 6D SLAM Indoor Lidar Mapping With Velodyne’s 3D Lidar Sensor

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Velodyne Features Advanced Lidar for Port Terminal Automation at TOC Europe

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Featured Products for Industrial Featured
  • Puck™

    Compact, Powerful, Intelligent Velodyne’s Puck lidar sensor (previously VLP-16) is the highest-value sensor on the market. The Puck™’s reliability, power…

  • Puck Hi-Res™

    Focused Performance A variation of Velodyne’s groundbreaking Puck, the Puck Hi-Res is designed for applications requiring greater image resolution. While…

  • Ultra Puck™

    Proven, Versatile, Robust The high-density, long-range image generated by the Ultra Puck makes it an industry favorite for robotics, mapping,…

  • Velarray

    Designing smart powerful lidar solutions for ADAS and Autonomy With a compact form for seamless integration within a vehicle’s body…

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