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Next Gen Automation Program Overview

Velodyne believes in the power of partnering with universities and educational institutions to expand research and innovation of lidar technology for the next generation.

Through this program, students will benefit from technical support, inclusion into Velodyne’s rich ecosystem of partners, and promotion of student activities and accomplishments. In addition, Velodyne now offers special pricing on select products for educational institutions worldwide.

About Automated with Velodyne

For over 10 years, Velodyne has pioneered lidar technologies and worked closely with a broad ecosystem of valued partners. Now, you can help us inspire the next generation of autonomous solutions by becoming part of the Automated with Velodyne program. Work with us to build your technology, develop your business, and promote your solution.

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    • Terms and Conditions

      Qualified education institutions may be eligible for promotion and discount programs.

      • Non-commercial use only
      • Research and education use only
      • Velodyne reserves the right to admit or deny any party requesting to participate in the program
    • What is a Qualified Educational Institution?
      • Public or not for profit K-12, vocational school, junior college, college, university, a scientific or technical institution with a primary focus on teaching students.
      • For use by students or employees of an educational institution with .edu or .ac email addresses
      • If .edu or .ac are not in the email domain then the institutions name should be clearly recognizable as educational affiliation.
      • State or local government-sanctioned agencies that purchase on behalf of a pool of school districts, community colleges, or other small educational institutions are also eligible
      • Organizations and people directly related to the academic institution (e.g. hospitals that are wholly owned and operated by an education institution) are also eligible.
      • For-profit institutions (e.g. training centers that operate a business) as well as students, teachers, lecturers, researchers and tutors affiliated with such institutions are not eligible
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