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Autonomous Vehicles (AV)

Powering Safe Autonomy

Velodyne’s product portfolio provides real-time perception data that enables safe and reliable operation for autonomous driving and advanced vehicle safety at highway speeds. Our smart, powerful sensors deliver the range, accuracy and resolution needed for advanced level 4 and level 5 autonomous vehicles.





Lidar for Level 4 Autonomy

Lidar for Level 5 Autonomy

The Adventures of Riding Aboard a Driverless Shuttle

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Velodyne Lidar Sensors Power ThorDrive’s Trailblazing Autonomous Driving Commercial Vehicle Services

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Powered by Velodyne, HoloMatic Unveils New Autonomous Valet Parking Solution

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Voyage with Velodyne

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Customer Success Story

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Featured Products for Autonomous Vehicles Featured
  • Puck™

    Compact, Powerful, Intelligent The highest value sensor on the market. The Puck’s reliability, power-efficiency, and surround view make it the…

  • Ultra Puck™

    Proven, Versatile, Robust The high-density, long-range image generated by the Ultra Puck makes it the industry favorite for robotics, mapping,…

  • Alpha Prime™

    Powering Safe Autonomy Delivers unrivaled combination of field-of-view, range, and image clarity. With the Alpha Prime, Velodyne Lidar delivers the…

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