PolyExplore Inc.

2210 O'tolle Ave., #240
San Jose, CA 95131

PolyExplore Inc.

2210 O'tolle Ave., #240
San Jose, CA 95131
  • Value Proposition

    Survey grade accuracy, low cost

    • No calibration required
    • Up to 2 hours recording capacity
    • RTK GNSS/INS with centimeter-level accuracy
    • Sensory data sync without GNSS
    • Easy to use, intuitive post-processing software provides
    • Navigation, LiDAR, and camera data in a single folder
    • Easy assembly
  • Use Case/Customer Profile

    The Polynscanner systems are widely used worldwide customers for asset management, forestry, and architectural modeling.

  • Technology Description

    The POLYEXPLORE uses its unique expertise in precision low-cost inertial navigation systems, perception, and sensor fusion science to develop a highly efficient mapping ecosystem. Those technologies integrated into well-designed mobile scanning solutions allows seamlessly and efficiently to record, process, and deliver a large amount of data to the customers.

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