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Deepen AI

2445 Augustine Dr., Suite 150
Santa Clara, CA 95054
  • Value Proposition

    We aim to be a partner provider to developers of perception technology and offer a variety of services and software including full annotation services, enterprise software, and IP licensing.

  • Use Case/Customer Profile

    In some cases, our customers come to us with raw data from sensor outputs and have us process it and annotate various objects such as cars, pedestrians, road signs, lane markings, etc. in the data. They use the annotations to either train or validate their perception of AI models.

    In some cases, our customers want to use our tools with their own workforce to process and annotate their own data. Some customers prefer our public cloud software where they can use the software anywhere that is connected to the Internet, while some customers prefer an on-premise solution and have us install the software in their infrastructure. They also use the annotations to either train or validate their models.

    In some cases, our customers want to license our technology for internal development. We can also help them through custom engineering services.

  • Technology Description

    We have developed sensor fusion technology and AI algorithms in the form of an annotation platform that can visualize model and sensor data as inputs, and efficiently annotate the data with labels for model training and validation purpose. We are leveraging that technology as a technical partner of the Safety Pool to help members share data and extract critical scenarios across various ODDs for AV policy development.

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