Advancing Trucking Safety with Lidar

Autonomous vehicle technology provides multiple efficiency and safety benefits to the trucking industry. Velodyne lidar presents the high-resolution, real-time 3D information needed to support safe autonomy and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Our sensors provide truck manufacturers, integrators and fleet management companies the performance, reliability and scalability that are an essential component to navigate trucks and enhance vehicle safety.





Advancing Trucking Safety with Lidar

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How lidar technology is working to enhance trucking safety

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Featured Products for Trucking Featured
  • HDL-64E

    High Definition Real-Time 3D Lidar The HDL-64E lidar sensor is designed for obstacle detection and navigation of autonomous ground vehicles…

  • Puck LITE

    Specialized Excellence Designed for applications that demand a lower weight, the Puck LITE retains the Puck sensor’s surround view and…

  • Puck Hi-Res

    Focused Performance A variation of Velodyne’s groundbreaking Puck, the Puck Hi-Res is designed for applications requiring greater image resolution. While…

  • HDL-32E

    High Resolution Real-Time 3D Lidar Sensor Stylishly small and ruggedly built with an unrivaled field of view, Velodyne’s HDL-32E lidar…

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