Velodyne’s broad portfolio of lidar solutions provides performance, versatility and form factors needed to address a myriad of application areas and rapidly growing industries.


Ideal Choice to Assist Drivers and Advance Roadway Safety

Velodyne lidar technology enables high-level Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for safe navigation and collision avoidance, all within compact form factors. Our lidar sensors and Vella™ software can be applied to create powerful ADAS solutions with improved safety, including Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, and more.

Autonomous Vehicles

Powering Safe Autonomy

Velodyne’s product portfolio provides real-time perception data that enables safe and reliable operation for autonomous driving and advanced vehicle safety at highway speeds. Our smart, powerful sensors deliver the range, accuracy, and resolution needed for advanced Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous vehicles.


Enabling Efficient and Safe Movement of Goods

Whether powering a last-mile delivery robot, serving as the “eyes” of an autonomous middle-mile delivery truck or enhancing long-haul trucks with ADAS and AV features, lidar enables safe and efficient transfer of goods. Our sensors help get food from the farm to your table and goods from the factory to your front door.


Leading Lidar Technology in the Air

Velodyne makes it easy to add lidar to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for collecting geospatial data that will inform effective revenue-generating business decisions. Our sensors enable companies to build highly accurate 3D models of any environment for mobile mapping, delivery and surveying, as well as real-time assessment and monitoring applications.


Redefining Industrial Safety

The 3D image data generated by Velodyne sensors is optimal for industrial applications requiring precise measurements, object-tracking, and movement. With a compact form factor and robust data set, our sensors can be embedded on mobile machinery to enable safe navigation or mounted on equipment to bound safety zones.


Accurate and Powerful Mobile Mapping

Velodyne lidar makes it quick and easy for companies to build highly accurate 3D models of any environment for mobile mapping. Our sensors deliver a high-resolution surround view image to accurately measure and analyze the environment. The performance, range, and compact form factor of Velodyne sensors enable developers to design versatile systems that can be configured to mobile mapping needs.


Lidar Enables Mobile Robot Versatility and Efficiency

Velodyne Lidar provides an essential component for robotic autonomy and navigation. Our sensors enable touchless mobile and last-mile delivery robots to operate autonomously and safely, without human intervention. They also support autonomous mobile robots in a wide range of challenging indoor and outdoor environmental conditions, including varying temperature, lighting and precipitation.


Powering a New Generation of Safety and Security Solutions

A breakthrough advance in security applications, Velodyne’s lidar sensors generate real-time 3D maps for users to define and monitor customized digital boundaries. Velodyne sensors provide centimeter-level distance measurement data in a wide variety of light conditions to facilitate highly reliable object detection and tracking. Lidar-based security solutions increase effective threat response while reducing false readings that frequently hamper camera and radar based technologies.


Making Smart Cities a Reality

Velodyne Lidar enables smart city applications to advance social welfare and operational efficiency. These solutions use our lidar sensors to measure and monitor conditions in areas such as pedestrian safety, vehicle traffic and parking space management, and more. With Velodyne lidar, smart city applications can improve public services and enhance safety and quality of life.


Advanced Trucking Safety with Lidar

Autonomous vehicle technology provides multiple efficiencies and safety benefits to the trucking industry. Velodyne lidar presents the high-resolution, real-time 3D information needed to support safe autonomy and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Our sensors provide truck manufacturers, integrators, and fleet management companies the performance, reliability, and scalability that are an essential component to navigate trucks and enhance vehicle safety.

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