Lidar 101

What is Lidar?

Lidar is an acronym for “light detection and ranging.” It is sometimes called “laser scanning” or “3D scanning.” The technology uses eye-safe laser beams to create a 3D representation of the surveyed environment.

How Does Lidar Work?
  • A typical lidar sensor emits pulsed light waves into the surrounding environment.
  • These pulses bounce off surrounding objects and return to the sensor.
  • The sensor uses the time it took for each pulse to return to the sensor to calculate the distance it traveled.
Repeating this process millions of times per second creates a precise, real-time 3D map of the environment. An onboard computer can utilize this map for safe navigation.
How Does Lidar Keep Us Safe?
Watch this video to learn all about the technology and how it can advance roadway safety, prevent crashes and save lives.

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