• Value Proposition

    We utilize our deep knowledge of industry-standard practices and future systems to ensure that the solutions provided to you will not only meet your immediate needs but those that are expected to come. With the speed at which technology is advancing it is difficult to find solutions that stand the test of time. We at umlaut will develop custom and unique solutions and platforms for you to use in a wide array of use cases for tomorrow and years to come.

  • Use Case/Customer Profile

    • OEM: From concept and design to production testing and user satisfaction we have a solution for you
    • Supplier: Systems engineering and feature development and end use testing and validation. We provide accurate and relevant data to help your development process.
    • Mobility Sector: Real-world testing and data gathering, benchmarking, and validation to back up your quality products.
    • University and Education: umlaut has partnered with and is delivering cutting edge platforms that are being implemented in higher education. umlaut is putting Cyber security, ADAS, Autonomous, and IoT solutions in the hands of our future leaders in the industry through our dedicated support of colleges and universities.
    • Mobile and connected Services: We have dedicated facilities and services supporting mobile applications such as CarPlay and other 3rd party applications.
    • Agriculture and Government: Our engineers have a strong background that is familiar with the agriculture and government sectors. Ask us about how we can support you in these areas.
    • Many More: Please reach out and see how we can support you!
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