85 Leek Crescent
Richmond Hill
Ontario L4B 3B3
  • Value Proposition

    POS LV provides robust and accurate position and orientation estimates using inertial navigation, making it essential for enabling autonomous vehicles to navigate themselves through difficult driving conditions. Furthermore, lidar-based localization can help enable autonomous operation in challenging, real-world industrial environments.

  • Use Case/Customer Profile

    Tram on rails | Berlin, Germany

    • Up to ~50 km/h
    • 2 Velodyne lidar sensors on front of a tram
    • Both open sky and enclosed environments
    • Urban, forest, and industrial settings
  • Technology Description
    • GNSS-INS + Map-Based Localization
    • Precise GNSS with RTK/RTX when outside
    • Works well in open, structureless areas
    • Lidar localization against prior map when inside
    • Works well in highly structured enclosed areas
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