May Mobility

650 Avis Drive
Ann Arbor, MI, 48108
United States
  • Value Proposition

    In every city across the globe, there’s greater human potential waiting to be unlocked. It can be found in the inconsistencies between bike routes and rail stops – and the gaps between bus routes and dining districts. We complement existing transit systems to unlock it. We’re a turnkey, full-service operation for municipalities, corporations, hospitals, and universities, ready to deploy the right-size fleet of self-driving shuttles in your city.

  • Use Case/User Profile

    May Mobility has deployed autonomous routes on public roads since 2018, with more than 270,000 autonomous rides given to the public to date. Cities with May deployments have included Detroit, Michigan, Providence, Rhode Island, Columbus, Ohio, and Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 2021, May will deploy routes in additional cities around the globe including Arlington, Texas, Higashi- Hiroshima, Japan, and Indianapolis, Indiana.

    Alongside our public and private partners, May studies a city’s traffic and commuter flow, identifying bottlenecks and gaps in the current public transit schema to design the most optimal routes for communities. In addition to our routes and shuttles unlocking even more potential in existing public transit systems, they also collect data to unlock insights that can benefit future planning for cleaner, safer, and more accessible cities.

  • Technology Description

    Every shuttle we operate is equipped with a suite of redundant sensor technologies, combining Lidar, radar, and cameras, accentuating the strengths of each to create a robust 360-degree view of the world around our shuttles. But that’s just the first step in making self-driving transportation safe. If our sensors are the “eyes,” our Multi-Policy Decision-Making system (MPDM) is the “brain”— allowing our shuttles to treat driving as a social activity, simulating how all agents in the environment will react to different actions — in milliseconds.

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