Oxford Technical Solutions

Park Farm Business Centre, Middleton Stoney
Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX25 4AL
United Kingdom
  • Value Proposition

    OxTS aims to ensure that all of their customers receive the most accurate inertial data possible. Whether customers are involved in ADAS testing, surveying, or any other industry, OxTS gives them the ability to confidently perform their work safe in the knowledge the measurements received are as accurate as possible. The company was founded on a strong set of values including honesty and fairness, which still ring true today.

  • Use Case/Customer Profile

    OxTS’ aim is to integrate their INS products (where applicable) with Velodyne’s range of lidar sensors. Providing accurate position, heading, roll, and pitch measurements allows end users to produce highly-accurate, georeferenced 3D pointclouds.

    Their Inertial Navigation Systems can service many applications in a wide range of industries including:

    • Coastal Monitoring
    • Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics
    • Automotive Testing
    • Construction Management
    • Mining
    • Pipeline Exploration
    • Geographical Surveying
    • 3D Model Construction
    • Rescue Operations
    • Forest and Crop Management
    • Road and Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Technology Description
    • Survey+ v3: OxTS’ flagship INS for land-based mobile mapping and manned aircraft mapping
    • xNAV v3: High performance, lightweight, INS for drone and UAV
    • xOEM Board Set: OxTS’ lightweight, next generation INS board set for system integrators
    • OxTS Georeferencer: Lidar georeferencing and boresight calibration software
    • RT3000 v3: OxTS’ highest performance INS for ADAS and autonomous vehicle testing
    • RT1003: The compact INS for space constrained vehicle testing
    • RT500: Entry-level INS for slip angle measurement and brake testing
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