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  • Value Proposition

    Autonomous solutions can do more than just perform tasks. They can learn, adapt and evolve using capabilities like machine learning, computer vision, navigation and more. NVIDIA Jetson systems use the power of deep learning to drive the new era of autonomous solutions.

    One use case example is the NVIDIA Carter Robot platform which is a robot developed as a platform to demonstrate the capabilities of the Isaac SDK. The platform is based on a differential drive and uses lidar, including Velodyne’s sensors, and a camera to perceive the world.

    Isaac is NVIDIA’s open platform for intelligent robots. The Isaac SDK provides a large collection of powerful GPU-accelerated algorithm GEMs for navigation and manipulation. The Isaac SDK Engine is a framework to easily write modular applications and deploy them on a real robot. Isaac SDK comes with various example applications from basic samples that show specific features to applications that facilitate complicated robotics use cases. Isaac SDK also works hand-in-hand with the Isaac SIM simulation platform, which allows for development, testing and training of robots in a virtual environment.

  • Technology Description

    NVIDIA Jetson is a leading AI-at-the-edge computing platform. Each Jetson system is a complete System-on-Module, with CPU, GPU, PMIC, DRAM and flash storage – saving development time and money. Jetson is also extensible, enabling developers to build custom systems around their specific needs.

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