B416, 338 Huilongguan East Street, Changping District
Beijing, Beijing, 102206
  • Value Proposition

    Empower industries as an autonomous driving brain provider

  • Use Case/Customer Profile
    • BAIC – The first time opened a self-driving car to the general public in China
    • CCAG – The first zero-fault self-driving more than 2,000 kilometers
    • CCTV – The first time Challenge the 99 bends in the extreme weather
    • T3 license – Won the highest level license with the shortest time
  • Technology Description

    IDRIVERPLUS specializes in technological innovation and product development in the  field of intelligent vehicles. We are committed to empowering industries as an autonomous driving brain provider. We are now able to provide product solutions for new industries requiring autonomous driving technology and has already begun to build up a multi-level and diversified product line.

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