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  • Use Case/Customer Profile

    HERON® is a SLAM-based scanner for fast mobile mapping activity indoors and outdoors. Versatile and extremely performing also when GNSS signal cannot be easily tracked, HERON® works properly in every light conditions HERON® features a single or double laser sensor and a 5K pano camera, and is perfect everywhere, but especially underground mines, geospatial applications, multi-level buildings, tunnels, cultural heritage sites, forensic procedures, forests, urban areas. Particularly appreciated for harsh and complex areas.

  • Technology Description

    The HERON® family is composed by HERON® LITE, HERON® LITE Color, and the latest HERON® MS Twin. Using the Velodyne Puck Lite, HERON® goes from backpack to handheld, car, and more.

    Our goal is to provide fast, real-time 3D data from mobile mapping systems. The collecting data can be used for several applications: volume computation, excavation progress monitoring, digital archive, construction progress monitoring, floor plans generation for asset management, logistic/traffic management, dilapidation monitoring, scan-to-BIM, contours and profiles, 3D virtual experience, real-time change detection, as-built generation, and much more.

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