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  • Value Proposition

    Savings to the utility and savings for the ratepayer. A 2016 study conducted by the US DOE estimated that the cost of congestion in that year was close to $5 Billion. A loss that is ultimately absorbed by ratepayers. Conversely, a 2017 study by PJM Interconnection simulated the effect of DLR technology on a highly congested 18-mile long 500kV line. The study showed net congestion savings of more than $4 million in just one year versus a physical upgrade of the line, which could have cost $22 million to $176 million, [JM1] according to one estimate. The savings for utilities and ratepayers is clear, and certainly when compared to the cost of simply replacing the grid.

  • Technology Description

    LineVision provides the industry’s only non-contact overhead line monitoring solution, with simplified installation, increased flexibility, and lower costs than traditional conductor-mounted systems. LineVision’s proven system integrates over 15 years of development and experience gained from having over 5,000 units deployed along with validation from some of the world’s leading utilities and system operators.

    The V3 System for electric utilities is the only system that can monitor all conductors in a circuit with just one system, allowing for complete visibility of the asset instead of just one phase. It combines two patented LineVision technologies for unrivaled accuracy and ease of installation. Each V3 monitor contains the proven EMF sensor for collecting real-time data on the line’s electrical properties, while the optical sensor tracks each conductor’s precise position. LineVision’s flexible non-contact system can be mounted on the tower structure, eliminating the need for costly specialized equipment or difficult to obtain outages.

    PACT systems for pipeline owners and operators utilize one or more of the patented EMF sensors to determine local electric and magnetic field information and the high voltage AC power line’s current flow (amps), conductor phase arrangement, and more. The non-contact PACT systems are installed within pipeline right-of-way easements to ensure optimal protection against AC interference and corrosion.

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