Velodyne Drives Advanced Warehouse Logistics with Key Partner
Mar 10, 2020 | By Velodyne Lidar

Lidar-Powered Intelligent Warehouse Robot from MOV.AI Improves Material Handling

Velodyne lidar solutions advance automation and safety at fulfillment and distribution centers. They can be used in robotics, automated guided vehicles (AGV) and forklifts to help improve the logistical flow of goods.

The MOV.AI-Robosavvy Tugbot powered by Velodyne Lidar

“Velodyne intelligent lidar solutions power innovative supply chain systems that are opening up new levels of productivity in logistics processes,” said Erich Smidt, Executive Director Europe, Velodyne Lidar. “Velodyne’s rich computer perception data helps determine the safest way to navigate and direct AGVs, robots and other logistics equipment in complex, busy warehouse environments.”

Among the companies using Velodyne sensors in logistics systems is MOV.AI with its TugBot automated guided vehicle. TugBot is an intelligent wheeled robot that safely handles materials in factories, warehouses and distribution centers.

MOV.AI’s unique industry-grade operating system (OS) for autonomous intelligent collaborative robots powers the TugBot. The system is designed for large-scale commercial deployment. In order to accelerate the development of robot behaviors and fleet management, MOV.AI framework adds a variety of enhancements to the industry standard robotic operating system (ROS).

TugBot uses the Velodyne Puck™ sensor, a small, compact lidar ideal for safe and efficient navigation in roadway, commercial and industrial settings. The Puck produces a high resolution, data-rich image with the ability to detect low-reflectivity objects at a range of 100 meters. The Puck’s reliability, power efficiency and patented surround-view technology meets the needs of affordable low-speed autonomous logistics applications.

Side and Top views of the MOV.AI-Robosavvy Tugbot with Velodyne Lidar Sensor on Top

“After extensive testing of lidar technology, we have chosen Velodyne as our trusted sensor supplier, helping TugBots efficiently and safely traverse complex, dynamic warehouse environments,” said Pedro Nunes, Product Director, MOV.AI. “Velodyne lidar provides the high resolution, range and 3D data essential for the operation of our intelligent warehouse robots.”

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