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45472 Muelheim an der Ruhr
  • Value Proposition

    Real “Level 4” automation of large industrial machinery like cranes and bulk handling equipment enabling one operator to control multiple machines either from an on site control room or from a remote operation center 1000+ km away increasing safety, productivity and efficiency.

  • Use Cases/Customer Profile

    Bulk Goods and Container Handling
    The logistics sector in particular is changing rapidly due to digitization and automation. With our automation solutions for cargo handling in ports, we at iSAM are a driving force in optimizing and increasing the efficiency of transport chains when loading and unloading bulk goods.

  • Technology Description

    With the combination of Velodyne’s real-time 3D lidar laser scanners, highly accurate RTK GPS systems for machine positioning, and an internally developed leading-edge control technology, iSAM is in a position to provide advanced solutions from full envelope protection of machine structures (e.g. the boom and the telechute of a ship loader) up to autonomous operation of grab ship unloaders or container cranes.

    As an example, the following videos show the integration of Velodyne’s scanning technology (HDL- 32E and VLP-32c) into iSAM’s unique solution for ship loader collision avoidance:

  • iSAM 3D SL Collision Avoidance Overview
  • iSAM 3D SL Collision Avoidance Chute Protection
  • iSAM 3D SL Collision Avoidance Boom Protection
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