Technology Transfer Centre - CSIRO
1 Technology Court, Pullenvale
Queensland 4069, Australia
  • Value Proposition

    With Hovermap, you can now safely and quickly capture high-resolution Lidar scans in hazardous and GPS-denied environments.

  • Use Case/Customer Profile

    Mapping in Underground

    Mines Customer Challenge: Unstable geological structures and loose ground within large, unsupported underground openings (stopes, raises, drifts, etc.) are the sources of ground falls that can endanger personnel, underground infrastructure, and equipment. The traditional method used by mining engineers to regularly inspect these areas is time consuming, produces poor quality, incomplete scans, and places personnel in hazardous environments. Hovermap’s collision avoidance and autonomous flight technologies enable beyond line of site flight and Lidar data capture while mine personnel remains in safe zones. Using off the shelf software to analyze the high-resolution point cloud data, mining engineers and geologists are now able to characterize geological structures, discontinuities, hangups and over break in large, unsupported openings.

  • Technology Description

    Emesent’s Hovermap is the most versatile and intelligent Lidar scanning system in the world. It can be mounted to a drone to provide advanced flight autonomy and SLAM-based Lidar mapping or used as a handheld, vehicle-mounted or backpack mobile Lidar mapping solution. Our best-in-class SLAM solution delivers rich, high-resolution point clouds. Rotating the Velodyne Puck provides a 360 x 360-degree field of view for scanning and collision avoidance. Drag and drop processing makes it easy to deliver results while still in the field: georeference to a coordinate system, combine multiple scans, or add color.

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