Smart City

Making Smart Cities a Reality

Velodyne lidar enables smart city applications to advance social welfare and operational efficiency. These solutions use our lidar sensors to measure and monitor conditions in areas such as pedestrian safety, vehicle traffic and parking space management, and more. With Velodyne lidar, smart city applications can improve public services and enhance safety and quality of life.




Detailed Curb and Parking Analysis

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Velodyne Lidar Adds the “Smart” to Blue City Technology’s Smart City Solution

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Cities worldwide are looking to improve the lives of their citizens through technology

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Velodyne Lidar Powering Intelligent Traffic Management in Nevada

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Lidar Technology Safeguards Privacy in Smart City Applications

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Blue City Technology’s Quest to Outsmart Traffic with Lidar

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Featured Products for Smart City Featured
  • Puck Hi-Res

    Focused Performance A variation of Velodyne’s groundbreaking Puck, the Puck Hi-Res is designed for applications requiring greater image resolution. While…

  • Puck LITE

    Specialized Excellence Designed for applications that demand a lower weight, the Puck LITE retains the Puck sensor’s surround view and…

  • HDL-64E

    High Definition Real-Time 3D Lidar The HDL-64E lidar sensor is designed for obstacle detection and navigation of autonomous ground vehicles…

  • Puck

    Compact, Powerful, Intelligent Velodyne’s Puck lidar sensor (previously VLP-16) is the highest-value sensor on the market. The Puck™’s reliability, power…

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