2, Rue de Bérite
Paris, 75006
  • Value Proposition

    Outsight deploys their 3D Semantic Cameras together with their Spatial Intelligence server and sells a monitoring service for facility managers to optimize operations (people flow, people counting, queue management, security, asset management, visitor journey, etc).

    Outsight supports specific use cases to limit the expansion of diseases such as Covid-19: distance monitoring, temperature tracking, face mask detection, and gathering detection.

    Outsight charges a fee per square feet per year under monitoring, according to the level of service provided.

  • Use Case/Customer Profile

    Outsight’s main markets are airports, shopping centers (retail), sidewalks, train stations, transportation hubs, and other large premises or locations open to the public.

  • Technology Description

    Outsight uses a 3D Semantic Camera (Lidar + visual camera) to create premise-wide, real-time situation awareness. Their on-prem server software uses the data from all semantic cameras in real time and delivers a single 3D map with data, KPI, and alerts on their Viewer. Outsight locates and tracks all items (people and assets) everywhere, always. With sensor redundancy, Outsight has a shadowless perception. Thanks to Spatial Intelligence, they can answer high-level questions such as “Where are the people who spent more than 10 seconds at less than 1 meter from that person?”, “Where do people traveling alone go after visiting the business lounge?”, and “Where is the person now who left this abandoned luggage?”. Outsight uses deterministic algorithms without machine learning and respects privacy by design (no PII leaves the sensor).

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