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  • Value Proposition

    Single sensor technology, to collect real-time traffic data about different types of road users in any weather and lighting conditions without compromising any privacy issue.

  • Use Case/Customer Profile

    Different customers around the world are benefiting from our technology, including, Montreal, Kelowna, Cote-Saint-Luc, and Vancouver in Canada, and through our private partners in Australia and Finland.

  • Technology Description

    Bluecity’s core technology includes a Lidar sensor to create a real-time 3D perception of the area in front of the sensor and a sophisticated AI-based algorithm to process 3D data and to detect vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians, classify them and extract their trajectories. Our algorithm is capable of processing the 3D Lidar data in real-time on a small computer (edge processing) located at the traffic light. This addresses the challenges of camera-based solutions that require expensive high bandwidth internet connections to process the data on more powerful computers elsewhere. Our solution generates data that typically requires the installation of a combination of sensing technologies (radar, loop detector, camera, and push buttons).

    Traffic data, generated by our sensors installed at intersections, is sent to the traffic light’s computer, which uses the data to optimize the lighting schedule so that traffic can flow efficiently. This data is also sent to the cloud to be aggregated for use in transportation studies and simulation software used by city engineers. These engineers use the results to prioritize and plan infrastructure projects.

    Bluecity’s SaaS platform uses real-time data generated by sensors. It analyzes the trajectory data of road users with surrogate safety analysis: finding near-misses for vulnerable road users and create a safety index to identify high-accident-risk intersections in real-time. Our platform generates comprehensive reports about the movement of the road users, including the number of the redlight runners, the percentage of the time a crosswalk is used by the pedestrians, the efficiency of the intersection in terms of serving road users, and many other important metrics for the city planners. While these metrics vary in different hours of the day, week, and month, weather and lighting conditions can also affect those. Our platform provides a unique feature of monitoring those metrics over time, continuously and fully automated.

    The platform automates all processes for city planners to collect data, and generate analytics faster and at a lower cost. Our perception algorithm can detect and report incidents in real-time to city emergency departments for faster and more efficient response.

    Bluecity has developed a machine learning-based approach to predict the behavior of road users approaching the intersection to identify the risk of an accident and share this information with other road users over V2X and 5G communication protocols to improve the safety of road users.

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