Top 3 Takeaways from the Velodyne – COM-IoT Technologies Webinar
Jun 23, 2020 | By Velodyne Lidar

How 3D Lidar Can Improve Security and Traffic Safety Applications

From promoting safer and less distracted driving on the road to enabling intruder detection at borders, applications that include artificial intelligence (AI), lidar technology and the Internet of Things are already helping to make our world a safer and more secure place.

A webinar conducted by Dieter Gabriel, Marketing Manager EMEA at Velodyne Lidar, and Mohamed Sadek, Founder, and Ramy ElHady, Business Developer Manager, both of COM-IoT Technologies, discussed the role of 3D lidar in enhancing security and traffic safety.

COM-IoT Technologies is an artificial intelligence company based in Dubai. Their solutions harness the power of smart, connected technology, including Velodyne’s lidar sensors, to improve the security and livability of communities and realize smart city and traffic safety development goals.

COM-IoT's HORUS solution, installed roadside
COM-IoT’s HORUS solution, installed roadside

Here are three takeaways from the webinar:

1. Total road monitoring aided by connected integrated sensors paves the way for safer cities.

Mohamed introduced viewers to HORUS, a road-side device that integrates Velodyne lidar and camera sensors to help improve traffic safety. HORUS offers a range of vehicle violation detection services from a stationary location on a roadway. It can detect distracted and reckless driving violations, shoulder driving, illegal lane changes and seat-belt violations. The lidar capabilities aid in addressing vehicle speed enforcement and tailgating detection as well as providing detailed accident recording.

COM-IoT Technologies' HORUS roadside device installed and tracking traffic safety
COM-IoT Technologies’ HORUS roadside device tracking traffic safety
COM-IoT Technologies' HORUS system detects a distracted driver using a cellphone
COM-IoT Technologies’ HORUS system detects a distracted driver using a cellphone

2. It’s important for police to detect and track – not just detect – an object.

Mohamed discussed how COM-IoT’s Smart Patrol P3 solution transforms the police patrol vehicle experience into an intelligent patrol with complete situational awareness. For example, using Velodyne’s sensors calibrated with cameras, Smart Patrol P3 detects, tracks and measures with high precision the speed of surrounding vehicles on the road. This information can be valuable in helping a police officer decide to intervene and stop a vehicle before an accident may happen.

COM-IoT's Smart Patrol P3 solution installed on a Cairo Police car, featuring a Veloydne Lidar sensor
COM-IoT’s Smart Patrol P3 solution installed on a Cairo Police car, featuring a Veloydne Lidar sensor

3. Integrated lidar technology and facial recognition can help improve people identification and tracking.

Turning to security applications, Mohamed reviewed the I-Trac intelligent security platform which integrates camera-based facial recognition and 3D lidar tracking. The platform can be deployed to support crowd counting, intruder identification and tracking, and perimeter protection.

These are just a few of the many highlights from the session. Watch the full webinar below!

Velodyne Lidar and COM-IoT Technologies discuss the role of 3D lidar in enhancing security and traffic safety.

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