Seattle, WA
United States


Seattle, WA
United States
  • Value Proposition

    Metrolla enables automation, data collection and machine learning from machine vision.

  • Use Cases

    • Vehicle Traffic Analytics
    • People Counting
    • People Tracking
    • Access Management
    • Perimeter Defence
    • Remote Data Access
    • Remote Data Visualization
    • Sensor Network Management
    • Sensor Termination
  • Technology Description

    Businesses using LiDAR or Light Detection And Ranging, often over-complicate their network and require access to the data and metrics from the sensors. LiDAR provides a rather large data stream and makes it costly to consistently stream the data back. Furthermore, meaningful data is often lost in the massive amounts of data that is not saved or classified, causing delays in development and missed opportunities.

    The Metrolla Autocomm, our edge device is a plug-and-play IoT computer that comes complete with machine learning classification tools to enable automated actions from LiDAR. Its communication layer allows developers to push new machine learning models to the device and allows the device to ask for clarification from other deployed Autocomm’s. Furthering this the Autocomm can record and stream data either automated or with a manual request from the server. As a result, complex decision-making and automation can be simplified to a single box rather than a complex network of decision-makers, and only the data that matters can be collected all while not interfering with critical systems that need the LiDAR sent to them for processing.

    In summary, companies using our product and services can:

    • Expedite your development times to full autonomy with instant access to real-world data and apply Machine Learning to real environments, at scale.
    • Scale up your data collection on-demand or automatically.
    • Create a robust automation toolset and Increase the oversight and governance of your autonomous technology.
    • Ensure infrastructure that is reliable to enable real-time continuous development and continuous integration of machine learning algorithms.
    • By using the Metrolla Autocomm sensor network architecture can be simplified. Traffic is directed exclusively to where it needs to go starting from the sensor to consuming process. whether it be a perception engine or Intelligent traffic management(ITM) system, we can simplify your architecture.
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