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Velodyne Challenges Tesla Autonomy Claims
May 02, 2019 | By Velodyne Lidar

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Media turned to the industry leader for expert comments when Tesla founder Elon Musk dismissed the need for lidar in self-driving vehicles.

Velodyne’s President and CBDO Marta Hall took a strong stand that challenged Tesla to publish test results and comparisons to back up Musk’s claims.

In a story by Cromwell Schubarth in the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Hall said, “Tesla’s claim that its Autopilot feature is ‘almost autonomous’ is untrue.”

The article cites Hall as saying:

“Not until we see published test results and comparisons that a Tesla can ‘see just fine,’ without a Lidar, can claims be trusted. Without lidar, the system is missing crucial 3D vision with 3D data points for collision avoidance and advanced autonomous navigation. Musk brought us innovation, but not quality when it comes to safety.”

Other media also picked up on Hall’s commentary.

Sasha Lekach wrote in a Mashable story how Hall “shredded Musk’s ‘claims’ about deploying Teslas without a driver and without ‘lame’ LiDAR sensors.”

The Mashable story noted Velodyne has invited Musk to speak at the World Safety Summit to discuss any evidence behind his claims.

In a SlashGear article, Chris Davies observed how the news that Nikon will begin mass production of Velodyne sensors “could well represent a tipping point” to having “Level 4 or Level 5 vehicles roaming public roads,” countering Musk’s claim lidar sensors are unnecessary.

Independent industry experts recognize lidar as essential sensor technology for vehicle autonomy and driver assistance. Lidar provides rich computer perception data that allows real-time object and free space detection for safe navigation and reliable operation.

All the stories can be read here:

Silicon Valley Business Journal



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