Improving Roadway Safety and Traffic Monitoring Solutions the Focus of Velodyne-PARIFEX Webinar
Apr 30, 2020 | By Velodyne Lidar

Next generation traffic monitoring solutions, including vehicle speed limit enforcement, can play a vital role in reducing road accident rates and enhancing road safety.

On April 23, 2020, a webinar led by experts from Velodyne and PARIFEX discussed how adding lidar technology to traffic monitoring solutions can enable highly accurate, reliable speed enforcement at greater distance over traditional systems. Using lidar has shown to boost system performance, even in difficult roadway conditions such as tailgating, change of directions and heavy traffic.

Parifex's VIGIE 3D, equipped with Velodyne's 3D lidar, provides multi violation monitoring for extra urban and urban areas
PARIFEX’s VIGIE 3D, equipped with Velodyne’s 3D lidar, provides multi violation monitoring for extra urban and urban areas

PARIFEX is a company expert in traffic monitoring solutions. They have deployed more than 400 unmanned speed control systems, with an additional 200 expected to be employed this year.

“Enforcing vehicle speed limits is critical to lowering road accident rates and increasing safety. Using Velodyne lidar adds powerful technology, including in often-used mapping applications. It delivers the range and accuracy we need for vehicle detection, counting, positioning and tracking. Velodyne sensors provide strong performance in a wide variety of lighting and weather conditions. They deliver these capabilities in real time to our traffic solutions,” said Nathalie Deguen, Sales Manager, PARIFEX.

The PARIFEX NANO-CAM collecting traffic information using Velodyne lidar
The PARIFEX NANO-CAM collecting traffic information using Velodyne lidar

The webinar included a lidar overview, looking at how the technology works and Velodyne’s family of lidar solutions for traffic and smart city applications. It also showcased an in-depth discussion of PARIFEX traffic monitoring solutions, including the NANO-CAM, which detects static and moving objects such as pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. NANO-CAM, which uses the Velodyne Puck™ sensor, tracks and gathers information on each target in real time, including dimensions, direction, speed, distance and classification.

The robust set of data gathered by NANO-CAM makes it not only optimal for speed enforcement for road safety, but also for other applications in traffic management: smart cities, smart parking and navigation assistance for autonomous vehicles (AV).

“Autonomous vehicles require smart infrastructure integrated with the AV. For example, in roundabouts, our systems can help prevent blind spots caused by trees or works of art and identify pedestrians crossing the road so the AV can adjust its speed,” noted Nathalie.

Using Velodyne lidar, PARIFEX'S NANO-CAM communicates the danger to the autonomous vehicle
Using Velodyne lidar, PARIFEX’S NANO-CAM communicates the danger to the autonomous vehicle

The webinar also previewed PARIFEX’s upcoming solution called NOMAD, which combines lidar and camera sensors with artificial intelligence and image processing techniques to create a multi-violation system. It can monitor for violations including red light, speed, stop sign, phone use and more. Lidar helps the system’s image processing to achieve automatic vehicle plate number recognition.

Dieter Gabriel, Velodyne’s Marketing Manager EMEA, discussed how lidar complements camera sensors used in PARIFEX solutions. “While lidar is inherently superior to cameras in addressing requirements such as object recognition at long range, experts agree that having redundant sensors of lidar and cameras enables systems to achieve the highest performance,” said Dieter.

Watch the full webinar below:

Velodyne EMEA Webinar: Advanced Traffic Monitoring with 3D Lidar and Parifex

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