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  • Value Proposition

    Rapid and accurate 3D scan technology: a fast track from capture to answer

  • Use Case/Customer Profile

    Kaarta technology serves the spectrum of stakeholders across architecture, engineering, construction, and property owners/operators, facilities planners and managers, forestry, mining, and mobile robotics developers.

  • Technology Description

    Kaarta Engine is our purpose-built 3D mapping and localization algorithms that artfully solve the simultaneous location and mapping problem of both capturing what is around it (mapping) and where it is in that environment relative to the map (location). Kaarta’s unparalleled expertise in localization – a result of our deep robotics roots – is fundamental to our patent-pending approach to solving the SLAM problem, surpassing the drift error of alternative SLAM systems by an order of magnitude. Achieving accurate, low-drift results takes more than multi-sensor input processing. Kaarta technology addresses an array of challenges inherent in mobile capture to ensure high fidelity output.

  • Success Stories
  • Huisun Forest Taiwan point cloud
  • Canton Rd Hong Kong combined
  • Replay of forest scan
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