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Media Highlights Velodyne Vision for Safe Vehicle Automation at IAA 2019 Conference
Sep 25, 2019 | By ALBIE JARVIS

Advanced, cost-effective lidar technology for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomy, can protect pedestrians, assist drivers and save lives.

Financial Post posted news that Marta Hall, President and Chief Business Development Officer of Velodyne Lidar, was addressing the future of vehicle safety at the IAA 2019 Conference. Hall’s presentation discussed how the same technology required for safe autonomy can be applied to powerful ADAS solutions, including pedestrian avoidance, lane keeping assist, automatic emergency braking and more.

The Financial Post story quoted Hall saying:

“There are dozens of companies working on autonomous vehicles. Incredible possibilities have opened as a result of the engineering efforts towards autonomy. In rolling out full autonomy, our customers put safety first. That means they use redundant systems with both lidar and cameras.”

AutoCar Professional posted a story on how Velodyne showcased at the conference that the Velarray sensor fits perfectly into a consumer vehicle, making a currently available high-end electric car safer.

The story quoted Hall saying:

“The visitors at IAA 2019 have noticed how these sensors are hidden in these exhibited vehicles and how they further enhance safety on the road. By using Velarray as an important sensory component, automakers can significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of driving assistance. Essentially, Velarray’s lidar technology outperforms cameras and performance requirements, which are critical to avoid forward collisions and dangerous situations, including when driving from the side.”

In other Velodyne conference news, Autonomous Vehicle Technology wrote a story on how Velodyne and Rajant Corporation demonstrated the simplicity of viewing and managing lidar data remotely. SafeCarNews added in an article how the combination of Velodyne and Rajant technologies can help update traffic and infrastructure information to enable envisioned Smart City applications.

Employing lidar, along with a few inexpensive cameras for redundancy, is a revolutionary approach to safety, allowing vehicles to detect and avoid objects in a range of environmental conditions and roadway settings.

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