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Article Explores the Many Benefits of Robotaxis and Autonomous Shuttles
Jul 01, 2020 | By Velodyne Lidar

Robotaxis and autonomous shuttles, equipped with lidar sensors, have the potential to bring mass safety, environmental and social benefits to communities.

Writing in Autonomous Vehicle International, Sally Frykman and Dieter Gabriel, both of Velodyne Lidar, discussed several robotaxis and autonomous shuttles that use Velodyne’s lidar sensors to help optimize operation, navigation and data processing. The companies looked at were EasyMile, Navya Tech and Local Motors.

In commenting about his company’s shuttles in the article, Nicolas Augier de Cremiers of Navya Tech said:

“With neither a steering wheel nor pedals, Autonom Shuttle is at the cutting edge of multisensor technology, particularly with its lidar sensors, allowing it to interact in real time with its environment. These lidar sensors provide 2D and 3D environmental perception maps for accurate vehicle positioning and obstacle detection.”

To read the Autonomous Vehicle International article, please go to: Pioneering projects.

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