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Renu Robotics Transforming Vegetation Management with Velodyne’s Lidar, Media Reports
Aug 27, 2021 | By Velodyne Lidar

Renu Robotics has equipped its Renubot, a fully autonomous, all-electric mower, with Velodyne’s Puck™ lidar sensors, reports Robotics Tomorrow.

Renu Robotics' Renubot Equipped with Velodyne Lidar's Puck Sensor

David Edwards in Robotics & Automation writes, “the company found that Velodyne’s Puck offered superior quality, reliability and performance, including significantly less system interference for optimal positional accuracy.”

In a story in Robotics & Innovation, Katie Searles quotes Michael Blanton, Renu’s chief technical officer, saying:

“Velodyne’s Puck sensors provide an essential ingredient for our robotic autonomy and navigation. The power-efficient sensors enable the Renubot to deliver an automated vegetation management system that is repetitive and reliable to keep facilities operating at peak performance, while controlling costs.”

Anthony Davis writing in Highways Today quotes Laura Wrisley, our VP of North America Sales, saying:

“With its sophisticated, sustainable-to-operate autonomous mower, Renu Robotics is revolutionizing the way solar and energy companies conduct vegetation management. The innovative Renubot demonstrates how Puck sensors power precision and safety in autonomous vehicles, operating without human intervention. Renu Robotics is a prime example of Velodyne delivering on its mission to improve safety and sustainability in communities worldwide.”

Other media covering this news includes Geospatial World, GIS Café, Robotics 24/7 and Yahoo! Finance

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