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Media Coverage on How Velodyne Lidar Sensors Help Power EasyMile’s Autonomous Vehicles
May 14, 2020 | By Velodyne Lidar

Lidar technology helps enable autonomous shuttles in their effort to achieve safe and efficient navigation on roadways.

EasyMile’s EZ10 autonomous shuttle, using Velodyne’s lidar sensors, safely delivering young passengers in Coffs Harbour, Australia | Photo Credit: BusBot and EasyMile
EasyMile’s EZ10 autonomous shuttle, using Velodyne’s lidar sensors, safely delivering young passengers in Coffs Harbour, Australia | Photo Credit: BusBot and EasyMile

Simon Warburton wrote an article in Just Auto on how EasyMile, a global leader in driverless technology and smart vehicle solutions, is using Velodyne lidar sensors. EasyMile employs the sensors in production of its EZ10 autonomous passenger shuttles that are on the road in more than 30 countries around the world.

The article mentioned Olivier Pairot, EasyMile’s Director of Product Marketing, saying:

“For precise navigation in real time, the EZ10s use our algorithm that fuses data from a variety of perception sensors, including lidar and camera, and localization sensors, including GPS, INS and odometry. Velodyne lidars along with radar scan for objects, vehicles, animals and people that might pose a collision threat, feeding that information to the vehicle’s control software. By utilizing Velodyne sensors, we are able to best gather information on every part of our environment, both close to the vehicle and at longer ranges.”

Subhajit Sankar Dasgupta posted a news story in Geospatial World that quoted Benoit Perrin, Managing Director and COO, EasyMile, saying:

“Velodyne’s high performance lidar technology is a key component in enabling our autonomous vehicles to deliver smart mobility in urban, suburban and private environments. Velodyne’s solutions have the reliability, quality and production scale we are looking for to continue to grow our fleet worldwide.”

Other Media Coverage

Other media that covered this news include Financial Post, Fleet News Daily and Inside Unmanned Systems.

Autonomous shuttles, equipped with lidar, can improve public transport by connecting hubs and, in many cases, deliver a transport service where there otherwise wasn’t one available.

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