MADD Partnership

Getting You and Your Loved Ones Home Safely

Imagine a future in which self-driving cars are a common reality. In this video, Jane celebrates her twenty-first birthday by attending a concert with friends—only to fall asleep on the ride home. Thankfully, self-driving vehicles with lidar technology are not reliant on Jane to navigate safely, ensuring her safe return home to her parents. By reinventing the designated driver, we can help make human error on the roads a thing of the past.

Partnership for Safety

At Velodyne, we see education as the essential component to the implementation of change. The goal of our partnership with MADD is to educate the public about the benefits of fully autonomous vehicle technology, particularly in preventing impaired driving. 93% percent of collisions are caused by human error, and MADD recognizes Velodyne’s lidar technology as a solution to this global crisis. Hear from real users of fully autonomous vehicles, which are currently deployed in retirement communities as a benefit to their residents.

Education & Outreach

Velodyne Lidar and MADD share law enforcement’s mission of roadway safety. As a part of ongoing education and outreach efforts, Velodyne and MADD co-hosted an event to recognize and express gratitude to law enforcement officers, and to highlight the potential for fully autonomous vehicle technology to reduce collisions on the roadway.

Lidar 101

Velodyne Lidar’s sensor technology is an essential component to self-driving cars. Learn how lidar works as the vision system for fully autonomous vehicles in an easy-to-understand language for all audiences.

Social Responsibility

The potential benefits of self-driving cars include significant global quality of life improvements and reducing, or even eliminating, impaired driving tragedies. See why MADD, seniors, Voyage, and Velodyne believe in this technology and the good it can do!

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