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Indoor Autonomous Navigation

Company Overview

Knightscope is an advanced security technology company based in Silicon Valley. They build security robots that deter, detect, and report‚Äďautonomously.

Knightscope delivers security robots in a Machine-as-a-Service (MaaS) business model in the United States. Their state-of-the-art security robots operate in 15 states and Puerto Rico, across five time zones, running fully autonomously 24/7/365 both outdoors and indoors. The company’s robots have operated more than 700,000 hours and secured over a dozen crime-fighting wins.

The security robots from Knightscope operate wherever someone might typically see a security guard. Industries served include aerospace/defense, entertainment, government, healthcare, hospitality, logistics, residential, and universities. The company counts more than 10 of the Fortune 1000 corporations among their clients.


Organizations are working to keep pace with the changing threat landscape in protecting people and assets. Security robots can provide another set of capable eyes and ears in keeping areas safe but first must overcome some key challenges.

They need to be able to operate indoors and outdoors, handling a range of deployments from parking lots and sports stadiums to office buildings and shopping malls.

To have effective mobility in these environments, range and speed requirements must be addressed. Navigation indoors is a particular challenge, given robots won’t have access to GPS.


Velodyne Lidar helps Knightscope security robots tackle these challenges. Their robots can function in both daytime and nighttime conditions due to Velodyne lidar sensors which are effective in different lighting conditions. With the long range of Velodyne sensors, the robots can navigate safely due to the increased 3D vision range provided by the sensors. Utilizing lidar, Knightscope robots can tap simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) and laser odometry and mapping (LOAM) for indoor navigation.

Knightscope security robots help reduce crime by combining the physical presence of the company’s proprietary Autonomous Data Machines (ADMs) with real-time onsite data collection and analysis. By tapping Velodyne’s rich computer perception data, the robots autonomously patrol client sites without the need for remote control to provide a visible, force multiplying, physical security presence to help protect assets, monitor changes in the area, and deter crime.

The data generated is accessible through the Knightscope Security Operations Center, an intuitive, browser-based interface that enables security professionals to review events generated from “really smart mobile eyes and ears” to do their jobs more effectively.

Knightscope currently offers a K1 stationary machine, K3 indoor machine, and K5 outdoor machine. The K7 multi-terrain four-wheel version is under development.


Knightscope security robots have made significant contributions to the safety of their client base. These successes include:

Armed Robbery ‚Äď Security robot provided the best evidence of armed robbery and theft of vehicle, with data provided to law enforcement in time to arrest suspect.
Be-on-the-Lookout ‚Äď Assisted a law enforcement agency with an investigation by providing high definition quality video and license plate detections for 30 instances over a period of four months of the BOLO (Be-on-the-Lookout).
Burglaries ‚Äď Elicited confession to a law enforcement agency for two burglaries and felony property damage using evidence solely collected from a Knightscope robot.

And more, such as enhancing the feeling of safety among personnel while walking to their cars after dark, assisting in stopping fires and fraud, and preventing retail thefts.


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