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    Intelligent Mobility is a large-scale, multi-faceted research and development initiative led by the University of Nevada, Reno with the participation of a coalition of partners including Velodyne Lidar. This pioneering effort builds on the expertise of a multidisciplinary group of University researchers in advanced autonomous systems, computer science and information technology, synchronized transportation, robotics, geography, social psychology, and judicial studies.

    Intelligent Mobility seeks to prepare our roads for future connected and autonomous vehicles, while also serving today’s traffic safety and traffic engineering by providing advanced traffic sensing technologies, automatic signal control and interpretation of complicated datasets into engineering languages.

    An important aspect of Intelligent Mobility is the study and development of a connected infrastructure of Velodyne Lidar sensors, DSRC sensors, and traffic-signals. This connected infrastructure is in place at intersections, on streets and, in Reno, on public-transit electric buses operated by the Regional Transportation Commission. The infrastructure detects and tracks pedestrians, cyclists, and traffic – while maintaining privacy – plus communicates information to connected and autonomous vehicles traveling throughout these Living Labs. A fiber optic and microwave network links vehicles and infrastructure, and the vital information generated is processed, via a secure network, through Pronghorn, the University’s high-performance computing system.

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