1307, Yuseong-daero, Yuseong-gu
Daejeon, Chungnam, 34104
South Korea
  • Value Proposition

    Twinny values individual human beings and a better world where people can live a good life. Twinny develops excellent, beneficial technologies for that better world, one that is connected to the future for a far better life.

  • Use Case/Customer Profile
    • KT 5G business platform (AI service robots required) for a hospital, hotel, and library
    • OurBox Korean fulfillment service
    • E.LAND RETAIL Korean top-tier distribution and logistics company
    • UNIQLO (potential customer for now) logistics center
  • Technology Description

    Twinny Co., Ltd.’s AI Robotics LAB has the world’s best technology for indoor autonomous driving robot technology centered on very talented developers. Based on this potential and initiative manpower, we will apply and lead the indoor autonomous driving robot technology in logistics and various industries. Total of 23 autonomous driving robot developers (including 15 masters and Ph.D. of science in KAIST) Autonomous SW development team / Mechanical design team / Electronic design team. There are five patent registries and five patent applications regarding core autonomous driving robot technologies like self-position estimation and moving obstacles, etc.

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