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Intelligent Infrastructure: Traffic Operations


Take a deep dive into a technical exploration of Velodyne Lidar’s Intelligent Infrastructure Solution (IIS), especially as it applies to traffic operations. This webinar features a conversation with Asad Lesani, Co-Founder and CEO of Bluecity, Velodyne’s partner in intelligent infrastructure. Explore the use of detection and actuation for path planning and protecting vulnerable road users, as well as analyzing signal performance measures through the IIS dashboard.


In-depth technical discussion covering:

  • How Velodyne’s lidar sensors combine with Bluecity’s AI to collect multimodal data, advancing road safety and traffic operations
  • Working with city teams to define their unique issues around traffic operations and to work towards Vision Zero
  • The use of detection and actuation for path planning, improving congestion and protecting vulnerable road users
  • Analyzing signal performance measures, provided by Velodyne’s lidar through Bluecity’s IIS dashboard

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