Ultra Puck™



High Definition Real Time 3D LIDAR

For Automotive Application

Velodyne LIDAR's ULTRA Puck VLP-32C is the newest long-range LIDAR sensor in its product portfolio that combines best-in-class performance with a small form factor. A high-resolution LIDAR sensor that is cost- effective when compared to similar performance sensors but developed with automotive applications in mind to ensure reliability while delivering the performance demanded by the market. The VLP-32C retains the innovative breakthroughs in 3D LIDAR such as 360° surround view along with real-time 3D data that includes distance and calibrated reflectivity measurements along with rotational angles.

  • 32 Channels

  • Dual Returns

  • Up to 200m Range

  • Up to ~1.2 Million Points per Second

  • +15° to -25° Vertical FOV

  • 360° Horizontal FOV

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Protective Design

  • Connectors: RJ45 / M12

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VLP-32 Data Sheet

VLP-32 Manual

VLP-32 Angular
Correction File

VLP-32 Envelope Drawing
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VLP-32 Envelope CAD
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