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Vella Development Kit (VDK) provides access to Velodyne Lidar’s breakthrough lidar-based perception software, paired with Velodyne’s world-class sensors.


VDK demonstrates Velodyne’s software capabilities, allowing customers to plug in Velodyne’s lidar with an off-the-shelf library of functions, advancing solution development for ever-evolving applications, and accelerating time to market. With VDK, innovate the future.



Operational Design Domains

VDK is capable of functioning across multiple indoor and outdoor operational design domains (ODD), including urban, highway, warehouse and sidewalk environments.

3D Object Perception
Detect, classify and track dynamic and static objects for both indoor (warehouse) and outdoor (urban, highway, sidewalk) environments
Velocity Measurement
Obtain velocity measurements of tracked objects to support prediction planning, find obstacles and avoid collisions
Scene Segmentation
Per-point labeling to partition the scene into drivable and several non-drivable regions. Available for outdoor environments only
Obstacle & Free Space Detection
Enables path planning around generic obstacles in 3D space
Lidar Extrinsic Calibration
Cloud-based process that estimates the pose of the lidar in the vehicle’s coordinate frame
Lidar Odometry
Estimate lidar pose and orientation in 3D space based on input lidar data
Collision Warning System
An application using different components in VDK to provide collision warnings using lidar stream only
Use Case

Supported Sensors
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