Velodyne Lidar Joins Forces with Veoneer on Automotive Production Contract

Since their commercial debut in 2007, Velodyne lidar sensors have been the go-to perception technology for autonomous motor vehicle navigation through complex environments. This market presence grew even stronger after Veoneer, Inc., an automotive Tier 1 supplier, announced it was awarded a contract by a global automaker to design and manufacture mass production lidar systems for autonomous vehicles, with Velodyne providing core lidar technology to Veoneer.

In discussing the contract, Jan Carlson, Chairman, President and CEO, Veoneer, Inc. said:

“Lidar is a critical sensor for enabling autonomous vehicles. We are proud to get this opportunity to supply next generation lidar systems to a global automaker, it further strengthens our development in providing trusted, innovative solutions for the auto industry.”

Lidar is the foundational component for vehicle autonomy and driver assistance. Velodyne lidar sensors provide the 3D real-time, long-range, and self-illuminating vision system required for object recognition, collision avoidance, localization, and mapping. Velodyne sensor’s deliver the high performance necessary to keep passengers and roadway

Read the complete news release here: Veoneer Receives Award from Global Automaker to Develop Next Generation Lidar Systems

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