Velodyne’s Lidar Solutions on NVIDIA Drive Platform

Global automakers see lidar sensors as foundational to advancing vehicle autonomy, safety, and driver assistance systems.

Automotive World covered the news that Velodyne’s solutions are available on the NVIDIA DRIVE™ autonomous driving platform, adressing the advanced driver assistance and autonomy needs of automotive OEMs, truck OEMs, delivery manufacturers, and Tier 1 suppliers.

Commenting on Velodyne sensors, Glenn Schuster, senior director of sensor ecosystem development at NVIDIA, said:

“Velodyne’s lidar sensors help deliver the intelligence to enable automated driving systems and roadway safety by detecting more objects and presenting vehicles with more in-depth views of their surrounding environments.”

The story notes Velodyne sensors enhance Level 2+ advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) features including Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), and Lane Keep Assist (LKA). The complete Automotive World story can be found here:

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