Velodyne’s Groundbreaking Sensors Power Vehicle Autonomy and Driver Assistance Systems

The VelaDome™ by Velodyne Lidar

Lidar is the core sensor technology for autonomous vehicles. Velodyne lidar sensors deliver the range, resolution, and accuracy required by the most advanced autonomous vehicle programs in the world.

Two Velodyne sensors – Alpha Puck™ and VelaDome™ – were featured in Unmanned Systems Technology. The sensors are part of Velodyne’s robust solution portfolio that meets the entire range of lidar needs for autonomy and driver assistance systems.

The article notes how the VelaDome, “can achieve a higher point cloud density than other Lidar systems, at ranges as close as 0.1 m from the dome-shaped sensor. That can enable closer measurements (and thus greater safety when self-driving vehicles detect cyclists or pedestrians.”

For more information about Velodyne’s industry-leading lidar sensors, go to our product webpage. For the complete Unmanned Systems Technology story on Velodyne sensors, check out Unmanned Systems Technology or download the article below.

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