Velodyne Setting the Pace in Lidar Market

Velodyne Lidar Founder & CEO, David Hall

Velodyne, with over ten years of experience and a growing customer list, is the leader in lidar.

Velodyne CEO and Founder David Hall and President and CBDO Marta Hall spoke with Cromwell Schubarth of the Silicon Valley Business Journal for a feature article that provides a look at the company driving market innovation and growth.

In discussing the company in the article, Marta Hall said,

“David’s invention was the seed of lidar for vehicles and he has never finished inventing. We aren’t standing still. We aren’t a one-trick pony. We are always innovating. We design for mass production and we are actually shipping.”

The article notes Velodyne is working with about 50 companies that are using its lidar sensors for vehicles and has about 250 more customers which are working in other solution areas.

It closes by looking at the company’s expanding application focus in addition to automotive, citing augmented reality and security as areas Velodyne has in its sights.

Read the full article directly from the Silicon Valley Business Journal (subscription required), or download the complete PDF article below:

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