Velodyne Sensors Play A Key Role in Automated Drilling

In a recent blog post, Kitware, a software research, consulting, and development company, details its collaboration with Actemium using Velodyne lidar to detect, locate and seize objects on a construction site for semi-automated ground drilling.

The post describes how it works:

“A KUKA robot arm driven by Kitware vision algorithms is used to put additional tubes into the ground driller head. Actemium chose a Velodyne VLP-16 LiDAR (Puck) sensor as an input and asked Kitware to develop the pattern recognition algorithms based on VeloView.”

VeloView, developed by Kitware which is a Velodyne integrator, supports visualization and processing of Velodyne lidar data. This application demonstrates how companies are using lidar technology for innovative solutions.

Read the complete blog post here:

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