Velodyne Lidar Featured on Voice of America

Lidar is the core sensor technology for autonomous vehicles.

In a VOA video story, Michelle Quinn reported on how lidar sensors allow autonomous vehicles to see their environment and plan a path to the desired destination.

The story includes Velodyne Lidar’s Vice President of Communications Sally Frykman discussing how lidar technology works while at the 2018 World Safety Summit on Autonomous Technology. Frykman said lidar sensors gather “billions of data points as to all of the objects in the surrounding area.”

Lidar continuously determines what is going on around a car, locating the position of people and objects near the vehicle, and assessing the speed and direction of their movements. This information establishes where the car is located and the correct route to take.

The story notes how safety is a big driver behind autonomous vehicles. Natasha Thomas, Northern California Regional Director at Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) commented on how self-driving cars can help eliminate human errors which means roadways will be safer with fewer crashes.

Thomas added the result will be “a decrease in death and serious injuries on our roadways.”

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