Velodyne Generates Precise Mapping Data in Surveying Project

Yellowscan uses a Velodyne Lidar sensor on a UAV to cut the survey time for a key highway development in Hungary.

Drone-based surveying projects depend on lidar to deliver precise mapping data that accurately measures and analyzes landscapes. 

An infrastructure construction project on one of Central Europe’s busiest roadways that used Velodyne’s sensor technology to collect landscape data with precision and detail was featured in Unmanned Systems Technology.

The article, written by Nick Flaherty, discussed how “the project was conducted by Ventus-Tech using YellowScan Surveyor UAV carrying Velodyne’s Puck sensor to collect data along a 47 km segment of the M1 highway in northwestern Hungary. The data, gathered by 88 UAV flights over one month, enabled engineers to design a plan to expand the highway from 2+2 lanes to 3+3.”

YellowScan utilizes Velodyne’s rich computer perception data to provide the highest performing surveying systems with the lowest complexity. For more information on how Velodyne sensors are used in mapping and other markets, check out our industries webpage.

For the complete YellowScan/Ventus-Tech story, please go to: or download the article here:

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