Velodyne Achieves $0.5 Billion in Lidar Sensors Shipped


Velodyne is the highest volume supplier of lidar sensors to the automotive industry.

In an in-depth article, David Hall spoke to Forbes transportation writer Alan Ohnsman about Velodyne’s successes, the company’s market leading position, and the future for lidar.

In discussing the company, David noted, Velodyne, “which has supplied lidars to almost every self-driving car program at some point since 2007, has shipped 30,000 of the laser sensors since it started making them, generating cumulative sales of $500 million.”

The Alpha Puck, Velarray, and VelaDome by Velodyne Lidar

To capitalize on market trends, the article discusses how Velodyne “is expanding into cheaper, modified sensors for use in advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) that are heading to market ahead of driverless vehicles.”

The article closes by stating that market innovator Velodyne continues to broaden its product portfolio with lidar integrated with a digital camera and software to automate highway driving on the technology roadmap. The complete Forbes article can be found here:

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