Steering Engineers to Autonomous Vehicle Careers

Autonomous vehicles (AV) are creating interest among engineers in developing new skills to position themselves for job opportunities in this emerging market.

Levi Sumagaysay of The Mercury News wrote how engineers are turning to online tech education companies like Udacity to build credentials in the AV field.

Interest in AV-related careers also extends to next-generation engineers with younger students looking for ways to gain experience with the technology. The article notes:

“Velodyne partnered with PilotCity, which brings businesses and local city agencies to Bay Area high school classrooms, introducing them to self-driving cars and judging their lidar-related projects during the school year. Over the summer, Velodyne is sponsoring up to 10 Bay Area students from Berkeley and Antioch as interns for gigs with that program, said PilotCity CEO Derick Lee.”

Deepening knowledge about lidar sensors and other AV technologies can build a foundation for career opportunities in automotive, trucking, and other industries.

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