Revolutionizing ADAS with Forward-looking Lidar

velarray ADAS 2

Lidar can strengthen advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) by providing another set of perception data that provides real-time free space detection in all light conditions.

In part 3 of a 3-part article series in SAE Mobilus, Velodyne Lidar experts Dr. Mircea Gradu, Senior Vice President of Quality and Validation, and David Heeren, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, provided insight into the use of lidar technology as the cornerstone of a successful ADAS solution.

The article notes:

“Building vehicle systems with sensor suites that include lidar along with other sensor modalities enables the strengths of one to cover the weaknesses of the others. When even a modest reduction in frontal crashes would result in the avoidance of significant societal harm and cost, the implementation of a forward-facing lidar sensor represents a significant opportunity for automakers to improve roadway safety.”

Adding lidar to ADAS can help provide vital intelligence to detect more objects and offer vehicles a more detailed view of surroundings to improve roadway safety. 

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