Report Cites Velodyne Partnerships in Automotive Innovation Trend

Innovation taking place in the automotive market, spurred by “automation, connectivity, electrification and shared services,” is reshaping relationships across the industry.

This transformation was the focus of a Special Report called “Supplying the Automotive Future” by AutoBeat Daily and Automotive Design and Production. One area the article looked at was how emerging technology companies are partnering with traditional suppliers to move products to mass production.

The report noted, “Velodyne, the early leader in lidar systems for autonomous vehicles, is taking a three-pronged approach to scale up for mass production.”

The story continued:

“In addition to opening its own ‘megafactory,’ Velodyne has separate partnerships with Veoneer and Nikon. ‘OEMs want you to act like a traditional supplier,’ explains Rick Tewell, Velodyne’s chief operating officer. He notes that Veoneer (Autoliv’s former electronics unit) knows that world very well.”

By working with production partners, companies like Velodyne are leading the way in bringing innovation to the automotive industry.

To read the complete report, please go to: Supplying the Automotive Future.

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