Reframing AI Levels for Self-Driving Cars: Bifurcation of Autonomy

The emergence of Level 3 self-driving cars is going to endanger the advent of AI self-driving cars. There, I’ve said it. Not many have been willing to stand-up and make that statement. There is though a growing contingent of industry insiders that are gradually voicing their concerns on this matter. It is a serious matter worthy of explicit attention and discussion.

At the recently undertaken World Safety Summit on Autonomous Technology there was some concerted deliberations and debate about Level 3. Indeed, a white paper by the company Velodyne LiDAR entitled “A Safety-First Approach to Developing and Marketing Driver Assistance Methodology” was distributed at the Summit and it essentially asserted that it might be timely to consider reframing Level 2 and Level 3 of AI self-driving cars. I agree with their assertion.

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